Braemar WF40 Wall Furnace


Product Description

Braemar’s wall furnace is Australia’s most attractive and functional. Its slim-line design makes it as discreet or as visible as you like, and with a stunning ‘Ivory Sands’ finish, it complements any decor.
An ultra-efficient furnace with an impressive 4.8 star rating, the WF25 heats up to 85m2 and is a perfect solution for those wanting super-efficient and economical heating.
Replace an existing wall furnace
Braemar wall furnaces are ideal for replacing existing wall furnaces, including the following models:
  • Braemar D11/D12/D45/D55
  • Vulcan Series 20/22/Quasar
  • IXL 10862
  • Convair Finesse Range
Please note:
Additional kits may be required. Not suitable for direct replacement of fully-recessed models installed into double-brick walls.


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