Ask The Plumber – Weird Sound From Toliet

Brooke Wrote:
Hey !
Might sound weird but my toilet just runs n runs lol we have to turn the tap on and off each time we use it. We’ve had a plumber come, he said he fixed it left and it was still broken .. N the other man said replace the whole cistern… Just thought it might be easier than that lol…

Ernie says:
Hi Brooke, it would be one of two things causing this problem. …The inlet valve inside the cistern could be “leaking past”. If the other plumber has already replaced the rubber in the inlet valve, you may need to replace the whole inlet valve. My recommendation is Fluid Master inlet valves. Alternatively, it may be the outlet washer needing to be replaced. The only reason to replace the cistern is if its very old and worn. CHEERS, ERNIE THE PLUMBER.

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