Introducing “Ask the Plumber”

Hi Everyone, I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Ernie and am the owner and Licensee of Greator Plumbing Services. I have been operating Greator Plumbing Services with my wife, since June 2000. I have over 25 year experience as a Plumber, Gas fitter, Drainer and Roofer. Over the years I have found that sometimes people have a simple question in regards to a plumbing issue they have, but have no access to a plumber, so I have developed a Facebook page where people can go and “Ask the Plumber”. This has been so successful in helping people, I have decided to add this concept to my Website. So, if anyone out there has question in relation to a plumbing issue, please just visit our “Contact Us” page, and fill in your details together with your question and we will post your question and our answer on this page.

Ernie, The Plumber.

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